Sports science has proven that repetitive sessions improve vital muscle memory skills attributing to improved reflex and coordination.



Exceptional tool for focussed drills

"After 12 months working with the Globus with the 1st Team Arsenal Goalkeepers we have found it fantastic from distance with the knuckle shot which flies out of the machine with no spin moving all over the place.

Curling shots from all positions was very challenging for the Goalkeepers with the wind also making it more difficult for them to make saves.

I have found the Globus a very important part of top top Goalkeepers training equipment"


Gerry Peyton - Head of Goalkeepers at Arsenal FC

It's a fantastic piece of equipment, one of the finest pieces of equipment I've ever used, it can re-create anything and everyting.


Andy Dibble - Cardiff City FC



Effective for developing and perfecting techinque.

The fact that it can repeatedly shoot the ball at goal with speed and accuracy is a killer characteristic. A player could never do this


Gianluigi Buffon Juventus FC



High tempo world class accuracy.

If we can measure performance

we can improve performance